Monday, November 23, 2009

my HePPi dAy...!!

today Is da best Day eva... as U noe today is my annivesarry between me n yul... so i decide to celebrate it together.. ngee~~

we went to angsana for a while n went to CS together.. hehehe... we watched PHOBIA 2 and walk together then we back to angsana to freak out in kareoke red box.. shouting together n enjoyed!! i really enjoyed my dear....

then its time to we back to home... i feel really sad n i cried in front of him.. he hug me n calm me down... he back n i waiting for my dad......

first sentence in my head in the car is AQ XNK BALEK!!! n syg thanx 4 everything..... love ya yul...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i'm in da jay bee riTe Now!!!
hePPi sGT2...
huhuhu love Jay Bee so MucH!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


dis is the memory when me and my frenz went to kg.. full of saawah padi and mang life kg sgt2..
jln kaki sme2 g kg. huhu..

dats ety and zira... all of them are my best frenz...
rndu gle kt korg.... syg korg sgt2.. mmuuaaxx..
sori zira x nmpk pic kamoo.. heheh... memory yg x kn dilupakn.. kt kg ni de bnyk lembu n for the first time i hold it.. hehehe best sgt2.. mang jagun semcm........ sri la x amik pic lembu.. lpe deh... tp lmbu uw mang ensem...
ety n zira!! law nk diikutkn aq ingt zira bb dye ske dtg bilik aq mntk mama iktkn rmbut n ketip kuku aq.. hehhe... law ety lak cmel sgt suare n cara dye ckp.. hehhee... love u alll
come on we can do it gurl!! be the best engineer ever n for ety be the best chef!! heheh

Saturday, November 14, 2009

makhluk kuning di ganu bsme MPP.. thanx abg izzat.. mang best ah,..

KEGIlaan DI UiTMPP!! hehehe sumenye poyo.. rndu kt korg.. hhuhuhu..

aq rndu sgt kt dye!!! miss him like crazy!!!!

cm nak mati rse thn rndu!! baby i miss u!!! huhuhu...

Friday, November 13, 2009

on hOLiDAy n vAcaTion!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


i love him so muchi2!!!! remember the date!! best sgt2.. sye rndu awk sgt2.... sye nk jmpe awk agy... rse x puas ari 2 spend mse ngn awk..... best sgt2!! love u syg!!!

26th of SEPTEMBER 2009

ChEmIstRy pApEr!!
i LOvi'n It!!
tHe lAsT pApEr!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


tommorow is the second last paper n thursday is my last paper n then holiday!! can't wait for that.. huh so tired stdy everyday.... now my feeling:



can't wait


Friday, November 6, 2009


today is saturday.. yeah it's weekend... n dis monday i de paper math n lusenye de kimia.. hehehe.. then merdeka la wei.,.. x sbr nk holiday!! n x sbr nk blik jay bee... so arini aq stdy jerk.. best2... n today aq mkn bnyk.. coz i beli mknan kt cafe then kak izan blik bwk spagethi.. wow dats great.. mkn n mkn... now i'm full... hehehe... so nk tdo.. daaaa

Thursday, November 5, 2009

heart story!

sye ske bile awk mrh law sye nkal....
sye suke bile awk ngajok law cemburu..
sye suke bile awk ktwe bile sye hepi..
sye suke bile awk ade di sisi bile sye prlukn awk..
sye suke bile awk cium sye bile awk rindu n sye taw btpe awk syg sye..
sye suke bile awk setia demi sye..
sye suke bile awk ckp i love u..
tapi sye x suke law awk badmud..
sye x suke bile awk wt mke cmel t sye cair..
hehehehe.. pe pon diri awk sye trime pe pon....
syg awk sorg jek..
tiade spe agy dlm hati sye..
awk yg ptme dan trakhir...
awk slalu ckp kite bsme smpai bile2..


hehehe... now i want to tell all of my happiness... It's bout my liFe now..ngee~ Now I'm so hepi.. Damn hepi!! hehehe... With him theRe beside me always... Now as a studEnt is more fun thaN high scholl.. owh really?? hehehe yes!! the best time ever....
So I'm hepi!!!! with all my frenz here!! love u all dear frenZs...... mmuuaaahhx..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

new chapter wif new citer key...

its been so long dat i x tlis blog rite... don't noe why today i very excited 2 open my blog n membebel di sini.... hehehe mybe jjelez kot coz abg2 n akak2 senior pon de blog... key fine.. dats not actually what i want to say....

key as all u noe i now stand here n 8th floor of room... hahahahx.. i'm now stand in front of UITMPP... hehehe.. yeah.. dh bis stu sem dh here... what can i say wif first expression wif dis place is 'jauhnyee dri jb!!" n second is can i survive here??? but when i had through all the day here i noe dat dis place is great.. don't ask me why coz my answer is one.. dis place juz the same wif my hometown... u got everything in here... shopping mall juz in front of my class in perda.. n it is a big town...

now we talk bout my room... i got not to comfortable room but okey la i guess.. coz law i dpt room kt mutiara ag la truk... In my room i've 3 roommate... jia, kak izan n kak ila... best taw ngn dyorg... mybe some of u say bosannye stu room ngn senior... but for me it is a great experience coz dyorg pon sme jek ple ngn aq.... hhehe....... freak!! noty!! sempoi!! n sporty!! dats my room..

my classroom.. heheehe all of them are boys!! juz me n shila the only gurls in the class.. power x?? ari2 ngok mke laki... asyik2 kaum adam.. bosan.. hehe tp best..... n kind of tension gak stdy here coz my course agk killer course kt sni...

so dats all in uitmpp... ngeee