Wednesday, March 4, 2009

things i like to do...

so much things i want to do n i like to do.... hehehehe..... come on let's check it out!!!

1. sing(i noe i'm not good in singing but dat only way 4 me to release tension)

2. listening 2 music.. whtever music but make sure the music is mantap beb!!

3. i love chocolate so muchi2...(i love cadbury,ferrero, choki2, kinder bueno)

4. love to chatting coz i like to mak efrenz from all of the malaysia... (love my ym,tagged,fs)

5. swimming(any volunteer to teach me how to swim well?)

6. eating(wow... still slim but nafsu mkn mcm big fat gurl)

7. sleeping(hmmm i don't think so coz i sleep when i feel really2 sleepy)

8. layghing(yeah dats my natural attitudes.. no laugh no life... everyday laugh n laugh n laugh)

9. nuts(sometime crazy but i've still have limit k...)

10. hang out(haaaa always... law setakat ajak g umah org kimslm... ajak la g shopping bes ckit)

11. shopping(i prefer window shopping..lom keje gaji xde...)

12. bully(hahahhahaa... my victim is my lil bro... watch out u!!)

13. playing(game n my love uno stacko)

14. cartoon(yeah i love it so much.. especially spongebob squarepant!!!)

15. holiday(i love it.. time out wif family but i prefer not to go to the beach)

dat all i think... law de aq ltk ag k...