Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dream car

dream.. dream.. dream.. i also have my own dream car... i don't noe since when i fall in love wif this car... i can't imagine if i get dis car.. mybe when i've work in the future... but we don't noe our luck rite.. mybe tomorrow i get dis car as a big prize.. hahahaha.... daydreaming... but we don't noe our future.. mybe i get better than my dream car or mybe worst than dat.. hohoho hope better than dat... hehehee.. i like dis car coz the desgn n the shape look so grand n sporty.. dis car look so handsome.. hahahhaa stylo n modern.... hehehee.. i wish i can get dis car one day.. or mybe better than dis car but still have the same characteristic... before dat my dream car name is BMW 525i.... dats all bout my dream car... vrommmm vrommmmm